Album Review: Ghostface Killah (Apollo Kids)

With an album time of 41 minutes, Ghostface has composed an album that is packed with lyricism comparable to his younger days, star-studded features and an air of accomplishment. All the tracks on Apollo Kids seem to be cohesive and thought out extensively minus the fluff.

“Purified Thoughts” brings us back to a Ghostface reminiscent of the “Pretty Toney” era when making money by any means was the day’s agenda to present day, where humility has taken over and thoughts of being a good man and swallowing pride is food for thought. Gza and Killah Priest add some ruggedness to this track.

Paying homage to Motown and serenading the ladies in a fashion that would only be deemed signature, Ghostface spits lines of smacking ass, hailing sexy ladies and tasting Patron. The samples used seem to have been selected from the soul and funk era as horns and strong harmonies intertwine with the veteran.

Alongside the great production, lyrics and sample usage, the list of artists featured also make Apollo Kids a great album. Black Thought lends his showmanship on “In Tha Park” repping South Philly, Jim Jones “Handcuffin Them Hoes” due their freakiness and need for a gansta and heading into the “Ghetto” with Raekwon, Cappadonna and UGod.

With these appearances, Ghostface takes the higher road and leads from behind on each track. By not trying to outshine each artist, Ghostface actually stands out more with his witty one-liners and being cynical. Apollo Kids is another great piece of work from the Wu-Tang member and shows that his staying power in the game is strong.

4/5 rating


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