Halloween Costumes @ URI

Good ole Halloween is dawning upon us and means of trick or treating is no longer on the minds of college students. Well I did go my freshmen year thinking I would get candy, but instead I received nips and beer.

Students at this time usually have a few things on their mind. One is when is the Charlie Brown special going to be on TV. Second, what parties or bars to go to for the week. The last and most important thing is what should one dress up as for the week.

Halloween here at URI seems to be a week long event versus the traditional one night that we were so accustomed to when we were younger.

I’m here to help and give guidance in someway on what are some possible Halloween costumes that you should try out.

Girls seem to have it so easy when it comes to being dolled up for this special event. All of you out there have to chance to prance around with little to nothing clothing and can classify that as being a whore. What a cope out. Or the ability to dress up as any profession and then “put your face on” and call it sexy. Like a sexy teacher, sexy mail women and etc. I’m not saying that you should stop doing this (I enjoy very much looking at these costumes for their creativity) but you make it so much harder for guys to be impressive.

I’m decided that there’s only three top costumes that anyone can be and show off and look good while wearing it.

The first costume type is the hero theme. Classics such as Superman, Wonder Women and Batman (I don’t really think he was a hero but more along the lines of a really rich guy with lots of gadgets) are costumes that you typically see year after year but if you can be creative enough you could do a really great job at attaining this superhero persona. You can also go over the fence and make up your own here. For example, Broom Man, fights dirt, grim and dust all in one sweep. Also you can be a villain. An example of a creative bad guy, Debbie Downer, the destroyer all that is happy and joyous in the lives of humans.

The second costume type is the celebrity impersonations. Yes you too can be the next Paris Hilton, Meatloaf and even Brad Pitt, without the use of cosmetic surgery. By taking picture from them off the internet you too can have that look of your favorite celebrity. You have to be very cautious in trying to do this costume because if you have to be very particular and sensitive to detail or else no one will have a clue who the hell you are.

Finally, the third type of costume is the cartoon theme. Garfield, David the Gnome and the Care Bears are just a few of your favorite cartoons that you can be. You’ll be guaranteed laughs when you walk into a room dressed as one of these cartoons, granting you the center of attention.

So there you have it. My personal top three costumes on what you could possibly be. I know that there are tons of other ideas and better ones in fact, but because most people have gotten their costumes and are trying to win contests at the bars, I’m not going to list every possible costume possible.

The idea of Halloween costumes is to be as creative as possible. For my costume, I went back to my childhood (about four days ago) and I thought about would have been the best thing that would have happened to me when I was younger. It involves being on a particular game show that my parents wouldn’t let be on due to location and the thought that I might have been traumatized undergoing the event.

With that said, good luck to you all and I hope that if any of you go to the same bar that I do, you don’t steal my thunder and win the costume contest.


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