Album Review: Pimp C (The Naked Soul of Sweet Jones)

This being the final album of Pimp C, the music and collaborations on this particular record make the loss of Pimp C that much greater. The Naked Soul of Sweet Jones proves how much Pimp C is truly missed and how great of an impact he had on the Southern rap circuit.

This album feature Bun B (former UGK member), Lil Boosie, Rick Ross and Jeezy which help keep the record diverse and ever-changing. The plus with this album is that we have new artists who wouldn’t normally work with Pimp C doing so, thus creating a cohesive experiment in rap stylings.

The opener, Down 4 Mine gives an eerie feel as Pimp C is singing after he refers the album title as his only solo LP. This makes sense seeing that Pimp C was incarcerated during his other releases. Fly Lady is the soul joint that is reminiscent of Soul Train and Pimp C’s obsession with the female lower regions and the dirty South record Made 4 Me featuring Too $hort.

After the opening, we are given a complete insight of the world of Pimp C. One filled with drugs, debauchery, sex and all things pimping. One would consider this release as a posthumous project, this album is an exception. The majority of this sound is Pimp C from his lyrics to soulful percussion. Granted his obscene vocals and ad-libs might objective women, there’s a taste of class in his art.

On December 4, 2007 we had lost Chad Lamont Butler, an integral part of Houston rap and a great family man. His raps, unbalance respect for women and the way he incorporated gospel into his music will always remain. The Naked Soul of Sweet Jones is a respectable and great piece of work by Butler.


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