Album Review: Slightly Stoopid (Chronchitis)

The term Chronchitis is slang for a type of bronchitis a person gets from smoking marijuana over a long period of time. So for Slightly Stoopid this title either is an indication of their personal habits or some hidden meaning laying somewhere within this album.

Whatever the case maybe, this San Diego group leaned slightly away from their hardcore reggae and ska roots and has gone more rock/ Caribbean based on their sixth studio release.

Chronchitis seems to be appropriately titled because each of the songs is contagiously catchy, relaxed and serene.

Discovered by and compared as Sublime, Stoopid mimics their So-Cal soundings and influence on drug culture and infuse into their craft.

Most of the songs have that semi-hippie, hands waving and body moving like a snake kind of sound. In other words, this is you pothead’s favorite band. This doesn’t denote Slightly Stoopid as a good band at all, but very particular in the fan base.

“The Otherside” paints a beautiful landscape of driving down the California coastline and surrendering your problems in nature’s hands. Guru of former Gangstar lends his lyrical talents to help us get away from our daily ailments.

As the song begins to play, the harp and bass dance distinctly and leads the audience into another feel good ambience and thus “Nobody Knows” why. The bass line is the dominant in the song along with the syths and echo of the lead singer’s voice.

“Baby I Like”, my favorite on the album, shows Stoopid resorting back to their roots of reggae and serenading females with simple phases, such as “Baby, I wonder you’re the type of girl to blow my mind” and “I really like you a lot”.

Chronchitis is a production of great artistry, from a genre of music that doesn’t get a lot of praise. Stoopid was able to turn stoner mellow music into something truly signature to their own making.


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