Album Review: No Second Troy (Narcotic)

Washington D.C’s No Second Troy have decided to take their status as winners of the SXSW Festival Road Trip and being amongst the top ten D.C bands in the area and go off and become Narcotic, their album’s latest release.

No Second Troy’s sound and craft has a resemblance to acts such as Coldplay and Snow Patrol but with an American flare.

Narcotic is laced with mild humility and thoughtfulness and is composed in a manner that attraction from all audiences can be captivated into this mellowed out psychosis.

The album’s opener, Feint contains a steady rock flow worth gaining attention as a soft spoken voice overlaps this with a tale about not being able to handle the presence of a beautiful young girl.

Narcotic, granted the name isn’t the most appealing or pleasant, is one of the more heartfelt songs on the album. Syths and piano help paint the addictive personality of having a strong heartfelt feeling for someone.

Subtle sensations and vibrant feelings caused by playful guitar riffs lead us “Into the Sun” with delicate pinches smooth ideas of running away from everything.

The album is complete with all the necessities to become something of sheer greatness once become populated amongst the common people. Crafted songwriting, precise musicianship and funky album title make this album worth your time and interest.


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