Album Review: House of Fools (Live and Learn)

Dreary, heartfelt and delicate can be confidently said about the concept and moods of Live and Learn.

House of Fools presents the world the idea that sensitivity should be looked at as an asset versus a downfall in regards to the overly masculine men in today’s society.

Hailing from North Carolina, House of Fools’ southern heritage and their musical influences of the Eagles and Beatles illuminate through the each song, as the listener is basking in a wave of rock brilliance and sophistication.

The faint distinction of piano and the raspiness of the singer on Pour Me Out place the impression that this dark and ghastly song is love felt. Being asked to let go or “Pour Me Out” as the chores hints at the true meaning of the song’s emotion, and then to conclude with a whisper and piano leaves the listener with an emotional impact.

Harmonic echoes and a southern drawl transports us back to the South all on Coke and Smoke. Upbeat, tender and sporadic with a cyclone of technical piano and guitar proves that heart-felt rockers can return to the roots of traditional rock and harness the talents within to showcase a brilliant piece of work.

As we come to the end, it’s now time for us to “Live and Learn”, the album’s finale. The beauty of the band’s art form is put out for all to enjoy. Infectious progression amongst the vocals to the multi-layered guitar strikes as we are driven into sonic reverb guitar solo that sparks life into the album’s conclusion.

Live and Learn was titled appropriately for the latest House of Fools album, as we should just enjoy the soundings of this album and realize that the various number of influences that are release through each track and learn to realize that inspiration from the talented can lead to good things and this album happens to be one of them.


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