Album Review: Mika (Life in Cartoon Motion)

The animated high-pitched singer takes a notch at showing American audiences how the ever-friendly thoughts of lollypops and the annoyance of telephone rings can lead to pop hits and contemplation of re-living childhood endeavors.

On Life in Cartoon Motion, Londoner Mika displays a sort of new generation of pop music with a pinch of eccentric innocence.

On the track, “Lollypop”, Mika talks about how if you overindulge yourself in finding love or “sucking too hard on your lollypop”, that eventually in the long run, love is going to “rotten your  soul”.

The matter of taking something like the complexity of love and diluting it into something uncomplicated by means of incorporating children’s vocals and an arrangement kin to Kidz Bop songs makes you realize that Mika might have an intriguing thing going on.

Mika switches from up-tempo happy-go-lucky songs that play homage to Saturday morning cartoons to a dreary heartfelt serenade that brings us to “Any Other World”. Orchestrated strings and a children’s choir adds to the sense of seriousness that Mika shows.

The track opens with a faint piano and moments later, strings impregnate intensely and retract to a whisper as Mika tells audiences to “say good bye to the world you thought you lived in”, in means of growing up and entering adulthood.

On a lighter note, “Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)” is playful and a joyous comrade for the women of plus size. Mika explains to us how he prefers these women because they have “curves in all the right places” and “a whole lot of woman needs a whole lot more”.

The track is a tribute to literally overweight women. Not that it’s a problem to promote obesity by claiming that its lovely to see a woman around a watering hole with other girls and to have her order a Diet Coke and a pizza., Mika should of did some research on America and realized that obesity is one of our nation’s killers.

Life in Cartoon Motion is an album that clearly is meant for those who are willing to take risk into the cosmic world of pop music. Mika’s musicianship and styling of music might have audiences amused or lose respect for this foreign artist because of his indifferent views and vocals that could match some great female vocalists.


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