Album Review: The Polyphonic Spree (The Fragile Army)

With the power of numbers behind them, The Polyphonic Spree delivers a brilliant ambience of light that is meant to shatter the evils that are amongst society.

Evils pertaining to the government, natural disasters and crime The Spree have decided to step up to the plate and play the role as the hero.

Versus aiming toward the anger filled rants and the blood curling anthems, The Polyphonic Spree separate themselves and preach using peaceful chants and uplifting choruses to spread love and joy around the world.

So with a full fledge army in effect to tackle the world, this star spangled band from Texas begin to take off once again on their third album, The Fragile Army.

Section 27 (Mental Cabaret) engages you in a mindset of leaving good impressions and wondering why we are forced to do so. The mighty Spree spring into what they do best begin to harmonize with melodic cadences and uplifting melodies.

Section 28 (Guaranteed Nightlite), a beautiful orchestrated vocal song, brings you to a place of sheer bliss where nothing in harms way can come in contact with you. Whisles and yells help to power the nightlite that is the protector alongside

“Sometimes the best is left unsaid” proves to be the theme for Section 29 (Light to Follow). Knowing that you’ve somehow attained this precious knowledge of life, The Spree interpret that with this attained information, you should follow it and in order to see the light.

The Fragile Army demonstrates an alternative to spread hope and truth to people versus driving toward the anger filler protests that other bands might have followed. This album is brilliantly laced with creativity and positivety and is a sheer defiance to any sense of negativity that one might encounter.


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