Album Review: Datarock

Reminiscent of the age of disco and the incorporation of electronica and high energy rock, Datarock have accomplished a task that is a force to be reckoned with.

Hailing from the land of Norway, Datarock have created an album that is loaded with up-scale rhythms, a pinch of new wave and the contemplation of going out and buying a couple of synthesizers to help hone your coolness just a bit.

Computer Camp Love is an example on how love can be found anywhere. We are introduced to the perfect girl named Judy by means of a high-pitched choir and a mild hint of top-hat percussion.

A medley of conversations, cosmic beats and a serenading voice pays homage to the Gaburo Girl, a girl known for her style and grace. Near the conclusion, the song intensifies with orchestrated strings and a bombardment of alien resemblient noises.

Disco and bubble-gum pop are very much noted in the land of Princess. Packed with fast pace beats and a love for fairy tale creatures this song promise to keep audiences on their feet.

Datarock is proof that reinvention of a tired genre and combing it with new age prowless equates to an album with a hard-hitting impact.


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