Wylde Bunch EP Review

Wylde Bunch live up to their name by infusing elements of soul, rock and world music, merging it into a magnificent hip-hop sound.

Signed to Surfdog Records with fellow bands Slightly Stoopid and Richard Cheese, Wylde Bunch released their self-titled EP last week.

Associated through friendship, blood and their love for music, the members of Wylde Bunch all met in school. Growing up in the rough parts of Los Angeles that were filled with gang violence and socioeconomic complexities, the group would fiddle around with music rather than venture out into a world of dangerous territory.

When Wylde Bunch started getting paid gigs and becoming popular in the area, they eventually captured the attention and interests of Sony. The label eventually signed them and released their debut, Wylde Times at Washington High.

After the release of this album, their fan base increased and helped the band reach success.

This six-track EP sounds as if Black Eyed Peas, still with Fergie, took the energy and live instruments from “Zoot Zoot Riot,” fused them together, and the group only played live shows for the rest of its life.

The Wylde Bunch have created their own unique sound with the combination of so many genres. One might classify it as alternative hip-hop.

The single, “Yeah Yeah (Stomp the Bleachers),” sounds as if it could possibly be a new arena anthem for the decade. This song happened to be selected as the theme song and video for the 2007 college football season on Fox Sports.

The second track, “Dumb,” talks about how life’s lessons are easier to learn when you undergo troubled circumstances. I like how this song sends out a positive message – No matter how tough things get in life, you should keep on living

“NaNaNa” gives us an insight into how the courtship between men and women is comparable to wild jungle animals. Everyone is just trying to look out for the best of themselves. This upbeat, potential dance song has an alluring chorus with the repeated “NaNaNa” and deep bass lines.

The Wylde Bunch definitely are an up-and-coming group destined for big things. They sound similar to Arrested Development because of their positive outlook on life and society, which makes them a great addition to the musical world. Their self-titled LP is a great album, and a wonderful addition to any collection.


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