Ways to Cure a Hungover (According to URI)

After indulging into the world of the bar life, whether you danced the night away at Bon Vue, or took advantage of the fish bowls at George’s (and on a side note, the wait and bar staff are some of the finest you’ll fine in RI), you might have ended up not remembering your night and awoken to a massive headache.

Well my friend, that headache of yours happens to be what people in the college drinking world call a hangover.

The definition of a hangover according to Webster’s New World Pocket Dictionary is: sickness that is an aftereffect of being drunk.

If only Webster was smart enough to print the cure of a hangover below the definition, then maybe he would have something besides a dictionary as a claim to his fame.

With that said, I’ve decided to take the role and be the bearer of cures for this horrible aliment that plagues the lives of many everyday. I’ve asked students, friends and myself on what are some ways to rid a hangover. Some of the methods mentioned might seem normal, bizarre or illegal but are supposed worth trying.

The simplest remedy is to drink water before passing out. This might be easier said than then, but when you’re had a long night of drinking and have reached your limit, the last thing anyone wants to do is drink more. Drinking water is something that I make sure I do because knowing what awaits in the morning if I don’t petrifies me.

According to my roommate, in Africa the people there drink tomato juice and beer to treat a hangover. It seems a bit odd but I’ve actually heard of this before. Another cure is to drink a beer in the morning. The reasoning has to do with how your body is extremely dehydrated and is rejecting beer and by drinking more beer your body feels better. Once again, I’m not a doctor and these statements are just word of mouth recommendations.

Another treatment, according to a John “Belushi” Rowe, is to go to your closest convenience store, buy a Vanilla Dutch Master and smoke it with marijuana. This was another popular recommendation, but the thing that puzzles me was how these people were getting possession of this illegal drug and how this could possibly work.

Gatorade in the morning for some reason was another popular recommendation from people. I guess it has something to do with the electrolytes that help replenish the carbohydrates during exercise.

A treatment that I learned last year was to take Alka-Seltzer tablets with water. You may think that this medicine is for colds but that’s not what the original purpose of Alka-Seltzer is for. According to their official website, the original Alka-Seltzer is to treat upset stomach, indigestion and headaches, all the symptoms for a hangover.

Some other cures are to take an excessive amount of aspirin, sleep, and various bizarre procedures that are best not to be written about. Whether or not you agree or disagree with the following cures, I hope you somehow find a way to treat your hangover. One guaranteed way of not getting a hangover is not drinking at all but that’s something that might be a bit difficult for some people to do.


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