TV Review: South Park (Hell on Earth/2006)

After viewing last night’s South Park Halloween Special, I knew this epic showing of Colorado youngsters had to be something I wrote about today.

First and foremost, the episode was about Satan having a super-sweet 16 Halloween bash, getting a Ferrari-stylized cake, and Biggie Smalls just trying to go back to Cali.

The fact that Satan is having temper tantrums and behaving in a “Hey, look at me, I’m a 16-year-old-girl who’s father makes millions of dollars and I’m going to parade that money around by having a lavish shindig that ends with me getting an overpriced luxury automobile for my first car!” kind of gives us the hint that there might be people out there actually like this.

The one thing separating this extravaganza from all of the other sweet 16s is that Satan’s party was sponsored by Bacardi and Ketel One and was held at the W Hotel in Los Angeles.

With a party of this magnitude, it’s not surprising that some people on the guest list are quite the fabulous bunch. From George Burns to Hitler dressed up as the “Can you hear me?” guy, you would almost dream of going an event like this.

Even the Catholic priests with their alter boys on a leash were dying to go, but they weren’t on the guest list. They even went as far as calling the fire marshal to break up the party in retribution.

One of the main highlights of this episode has to be when Stan and the gang repeatedly resurrected the late Biggie Smalls by performing the Blood Mary procedure of saying his name three times in the mirror.

As he appears, Biggie is enraged, and he locks and loads his gat near the children, causing uproar in the neighborhood.

This episode is a reminder that our society is clouded with images of wasted money on non-essential items, craze-minded killers and costume companies creating Steve Irwin costumes. These are somewhat funny, but also upsetting, because Irwin just died a few weeks ago. South Park does its best to convince its audience that Hell might not be that bad, with all the alcohol being provided.

South Park continues to stretch limits, as it always does, by offending and pushing the buttons of the most sensitive topics. But they always make it ok to laugh, so that way I don’t feel bad.


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