TV Review: Miss Rap Supreme

From the creators of the “White Rapper Show”, comes “Miss Rap Supreme”, a show trying to find the next female MC. With the removal of the Female Rap category from the Grammies and the disappearance of top MCs, Lil Kim, Foxy Brown and Lauryn Hill, it looks like the search is on.

The nationwide search begins with about 20 contestants and then is narrowed down by means of a rap off, but with an added touch. The ladies are graced with sashes and crowns and are place upon a replica of the Miss America pageant stage.

As the ladies begin to fight for a place in the house, the show’s judges MC Serch and Yo-Yo must select ten hopefuls to help determine who the next best female MC is. Some of those who make it through are Rece Steele, whose mother is rap artist L.A. Star and former rap star, Khia (known for her racy single “My Neck, My Back”).

Now that we have our ten hopefuls, we now get to see where these lovely ladies are going to call home. The Fembassy Hotel, which is composed of rooms like, the Garden of Eve, Lil Kim and the Foxy Lady (a tray of bread and water were on all the beds), is where these ladies will lay to sleep. The winner of challenges gets the opportunity to stay in the Salt N’ Pepa suite décor in black and white walls and bedding.

As for challenges, the first “Sistahood” challenge was to form two groups and create a rap. As the team captains were selecting members, the last two women remaining were D.A.B, a former heroin addict and Lionezz, a German bred aspired artist. The groups had to rap for women at a local hair salon, a sorority and for a group of nuns.

After this is performed MC Serch declares group one the winner, saving them from elimination as the second group is forced to into the “Make-up” and create a 16-bar rap about the unity of women. Just me, I’m not making this up.

The highlights of this rhyme fest was Khia, attacking Ms. Cherry and Lionezz’s confidence going out the door (she brought a German-English dictionary to help decrease her language barrier. Lionezz unfortunately gets the boot and as she lives her accommodation, a nun chases her off by spraying perfume on her and then flies off. I’m sure Sally Field is proud of this.

The hilarity of “Miss Rap Supreme” makes it almost impossible to take the show seriously. Getting assignments from a magic mirror and loopy game stages makes you wonder is the show is really trying to find the next female MC. Chances are the show will provide to be successful with drama the ladies have created already ( D.A.B and NICKY2STATES have a rap battle instead of throwing bows).


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