TV Review: Drawn Together (NRA and Ray)

Drawn Together, Comedy Central’s highly controversial show has pushed the limits once again. Showing the public that if your local Wal-Mart happens to be closed and for some reason you really need to purchase a gun, you can always just get one from the vending machines outside the store just as Captain Hero did.

A summery of the episode goes as follows: Captain Hero and Wooldoor are returning back from their trip to the Museum of Tolerance. When they arrive, they find the house robbed and in shamble along with a missing television set. As Foxy searches the house for the possible suspect, she finds her grandson, Ray-Ray, red-handed with the set. She takes the blame for the robbery and invasion of Hero’s space and leads her grandson into the walls of the house. Ray- Ray falls in love with Toot because of rear behind, toying with the stereotype of African-American men being infatuated with big butts.

Last night’s episode is fun-filled with belly laughter and impulsive thoughts of buying firearms to shoot sweet furry creatures that crap in my backyard. The gesture of Wal-Mart selling guns with fairly easy compliances and Ling-Ling ripping his opponent to shreds due to his lack of hand-eye coordination skills in Dance Dance Revolution, a game that gives its players broken promises of thinking that they can actually dance is what made me smile the most.


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