The Hills Effect: How LC Changed My Life

First and foremost, I’m not an avid fan, viewer or religious follower of The Hills, an MTV reality show following the life of Lauren “LC” Conrad, former resident of Laguna Beach. This is something that I randomly know.

To get to the point, LC changed my life and I don’t know if it was for the better or worst but all I know is that this California girl next door worked her magic.

So I was working on a take home test that was due on Tuesday and the TV had been on MTV all day because I can guarantee something good is going to be on (except when there’s an all day marathon of America’s Next Top Model).

As I was figuring out how Derber is somehow in relation to Nace and how those who makeup the top ten percent of the wealth, I hear the lyrics “Feel the rain on your skin” and look up to see a panorama of the Hollywood Hills. This was not good.

I don’t watch The Hills, nor did I have the desire that night but I was so enthroned with my work that I just left it on, thinking that I could work through this agonizing pain.

I’ll admit that I’ve watched Laguna Beach a few times on a rainy day, but never The Hills. I don’t get how these people are famous for living out their daily lives. These kids come from privileged families so I don’t see why they need the fame. On a side note, how in the hell did Talon get the lead singer of The Pussycat Dolls to be his girl?

Ok, so I’m semi-watching the show while doing my test. The show got my full attention when Heidi and LC meet for the first time at some event. LC, like the strong women that she is, tells Heidi that she needs to apologize for something Spencer did (I take it Spencer is the guy that came between these two former friends).

This was when LC impacted me. This former suburbanite wasn’t taking any crap from Heidi unless she got her apology. Heidi just walked away.

I finished my test during the commercial break (I really just wanted to see what LC was going to do next) and was anxious about what was about to go down. Heidi instant messages LC and they go back and forth until they’ve reached the conclusion that both parties are going to meet at LC’s place.

Heidi comes over, brings flower and then s*** hits the fan. LC’s yelling, Heidi acts clueless and then LC says,” I forgive you but I want to forget you”, and then Heidi walks out.

I was completely blown away and proud of what LC had done. A girl looked up to millions; LC had taken one of the most cliché phases and turned it into a weapon of mass destruction. Now anointed a patron saint of strong wiliness, I praise you LC, for not dealing with a dumbfounded Heidi and all the drama that she entails.

One day I dream of being such a strong woman just like yourself and maybe in the long run maybe dating someone just like you. I just hope you don’t say such malicious and hurtful words or else you’ll get the boot.


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