Album Review: Silversun Pickups (Carnavas)

Never has a rock band made an album that was laced with complete monotonic efforts and has success at achieving attention from a crowd other than the emo-like types.

Carnavas shows that the Pickups, at times a bit down and under, can have the potential to shed some light on the dark and dreary folks of rock, and show the world that not everything is peachy and colorful.

The production on Carnavas proves to be lackluster, as each song on the album is hard to distinguish because of the vocals and instrumentals sounding identical on almost every track.

Listening to the album, the songs, granted they mildly mimic each other, have a distinctive way of drawing the listener into the Pickups secret but yet melancholy perspective.

Melatonin, the album’s opener, graces listeners to a bizarre dream- like psychosis sound, similar to The Postal Service infused with Silverchair. Everything from the lyrics to the percussion is muffed and disorientated.

Something to help pickup the sadden vibe, Future Foe Scenarios is a tale that is filled with angst, rage and tormented revelations about seeking revenge on a former bully. One of the better songs on the album because of its varied intense guitar riffs and mild hint of drums but us oversaturated with synthesizers.

Awaken from a state of peaceful bliss, an angelic voice sings and momentarily is interrupted by the same voice that has plagued the entirety of the album on Dream At Tempo 119.

Tracing commonalities and muffling static dance hand in hand as Common Reactor waltzes into scene. The lead singer pacifies the intense bombardment of heavy guitar riffs and bumbling drums as his voice never loses volume.

At first, I believed that the Pickups showed lack of creativity, resulting into having an album that could be compiled into one strenuous song, but then I listened to the album again. The dreary-esqueness of the songs doesn’t quite mean that depression and hatred for the world is the theme, but more along the lines of waiting for something better to come.

Artists such as Imogen Heap and The Postal Service has the same type of sound but their songs in the end result in meaning of happiness, murder and bewilderment. The Pickups are alongside the youth, thus the music is a slight representation of their struggle and easy going life.

I give Carnavas a thumb and a half (if possible) for its creativity and distinct rock sound.


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