Ok Go at Lupos Heartbreak Hotel (Providence, R.I.)

After driving around the intimating city of Providence, trying so ever hard to find a parking spot, I was waiting in line to see Ok Go at Lupos. When I reached the front of the line, I told the person that I was sent from the school paper and had two tickets waiting for me. I told her my name, showed her an email and soon she told me I wasn’t on the list. This is when I became alarmed. Telling her who I was once again and spelling out my name, first and last, the ticket taker finally came to their senses and allowed me to enter the graces of Lupos under the name Jerry.

Hopefully that pre-concert story should hopefully teach you that the customer is always right, even if it comes down to lying about your name. Now it’s time for the concert.

Apollo Sunshine, the opener of the show was composed of a three piece band: the drummer, bassist and the singer/guitarist. Flourished with flowered ties, crinkled shirts, and one receding hairline, I was weary that this band lacked illumination. Another lesson learned; don’t judge a book by its cover.

Ferocity filled the former night club as the first chord was struck. Dubbed as the American version of The Vines, Apollo Sunshine’s performance was a spectacular display of synthesizers and cowbell.

They entranced the audience with their distinctive and eclectic sound by experimenting melodic pop to punk to rock. Sunshine’s live performance was one of the best I’ve ever seen due to the strong energy of the band and the choreographed light show that accompanied them.

After their six song set and telling the audience that they forgot to bring cds, Ok Go was next to perform. The overwhelming feelings of awe that I had was immediately tainted with annoyance as a group of immature high school girls made an attempt to mosh, resulting in hitting my shoulder a number of times.

In the mindset of Beyonce, I merely took two steps to the left and hope that those kids got the hint. They stopped the moshing and now Ok Go was ready to perform.

The lights cut off shortly following the shadows of four figures. Moments later the screen that was once blank was garbed in tropical style wallpaper, switching different patterns every few seconds. The house lights come on and the music comes alive.

Opening with “Television, Television” a song from their new album, the audience was revved up and excited for what was in store.

After the song concluded and the teeny-boppers ceased their screeching, the singer, who looked ever so rock starish with his bouquet-covered tie, told us that you had to go to school for a very long time in order to perform just like them. Ok Go then performed “Don’t Ask Me”, a song from their previous album. Throughout the night they varied their songs from different albums which was something good for older fans.

Ok Go, alongside with commentary after each song were able to incorporate theatrics and disappearing acts.

During an acoustic set, the audience was advised to “part like the sea” as the singer ran through the crowd meeting his fellow band mates at the bar as they performed.

When “Here It Goes Again”, the song that makes people think of choreographed dancing on treadmills played, the performance was lackluster, due to the missing machines.

As the concert came to a close, the tour workers started putting away instruments and on the screen pops up the band’s backyard.  The audience gawked with confusion. What was bound to happen next? Every imaginable scenario popped into my mind but none seemed to be reasonable.

“A Million Ways” floods the speakers and the magic begins with choreographed dancing. After the six minute dance show, the band was off and left the stage. The crowd wanted more and the cheering began. “One more song” filled the venue, in hopes to fill the void of depravity. “We’ll play a song for” a voice from backstage yelled and soon our beloved musical entertainers were back to satisfy our addiction.

Overdosing us with two songs, Ok Go had succeeded in having a great performance. Energetic, charismatic and making the audience a democracy by picking songs, Ok Go’s entire show didn’t miss a beat.  So what I learned from this concert is that dancing with friends produces good results and that ties are a must when it comes to being a rock star.


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