Ever Wonder What Happened to Waldo?

During the days of elementary school, when we were forced to have library class, you might remember reading up on a fellow named Waldo. Tall, skinny built with glasses and an adorable red and white striped shirt that made him stand out in the crowd. Well, only if you looked hard enough for him.

As years past, going through two promotion ceremonies and a graduation I wonder where Waldo went. Last I remember Waldo was buried amongst a crowd of people in an amusement park while eating an ice cream cone.

I never understood why we were the ones looking for Waldo, when he was the lonely tourist excited to see everyone and everything. We were probably busy thinking about the next Power Rangers episode or what Barbie to get (if you were a girl).

But to solve the question at hand, where could Waldo be? For starters, he has to be in his late 20s to mid 30s if he was traveling by himself in the early 90s. This leads us to a few possibilities on the where-a-bouts of our foreign friend.

One route is that Waldo might have started a family. He’s been to the zoo, parades and even the Moon and I’m sure he’s met Mrs. Right. Waldo probably settled down in Paris with his wife and kids. He probably met his wife during that time he went to the rodeo and saw that poor cowboy get chased by two bulls. The event ended tragic and many people were devastated and left the arena. As Waldo was walking out he met a woman with similar attire as his and they both realized that they were tourists. They started talking and comparing their adventures over dinner and decided to see the world together, thus disappearing off the radar.

The second possibility of the life of Waldo is that maybe he developed a drug problem and is currently in rehab. Waldo looked very young when he was published in his books. His parents might have passed away or Waldo was a troubled teen trying to run from his past. Years of constant traveling and his encounter with the mobsters at the rolling skating rink things might have turned sour for poor Waldo. After working for the mob for about six years as a dope dealer, Waldo went from stacking dough to pulling tricks on the side to feed his addiction. I have a feeling he was on the TV show, Intervention.

The most realistic possibility of where in the world is Waldo (not Carmen Santiago) is that he probably got a job working for the Travel Channel. The guy has been everywhere. There’s not one place I can think of that he hasn’t been to, with the exception of college. Waldo probably continues to travel but under a new pen name and a change of clothing.

For all we know he could be that host form Man vs. Wild.

Where ever Waldo maybe, I hope he’s doing well. He played an integral part in my library time, allowing me to have fun without having to read a book, something that I’ll never forget.


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