Album Review: The Makes Nice (Candy Wrapper and Twelve Other Songs)

A layer beneath this anime coated candy wrapper is a treat that would make anyone’s day nice. The Makes Nice’s album, Candy Wrapper and Twelve Other Songs is a packaged treat of Bay Area rock heavyweights who have turned over a new leaf, sounding more So-Calish than Bay.

Judging a book from its cover, one would think that The Makes Nice was a band from the islands of Japan or that Asian girl band from Kill Bill: Volume One. Once this confectionary of a treat’s’ music is heard you are left with impulses of foot-tapping and good-old fashioned clean fun.

The Makes Nice started out with a young man named Josh Smith, who had left his two former bands (The Fucking Champs, Drunk Horse) to set out of search of perfect synthesis of pop melody and rock muscle. The magically Aaron Burnham on bass and Jack Matthews on drums came together with Smith.

The three hoped in creating an instrumental R&B combo, something along the lines of Gatemouth Brown’s Beat Boys. After seeing a garage band show, he was inspired to lean toward rock.

Now present day The Makes Nice is making out nicely, traveling along the coast of California and living the sweet life, in which their music expresses.

“Candy Wrapper” has some bass to it as it is filled with catchy lyrics and pure pop. A cheesy chores here and a little guitar solo there and we have just gone through the entire one minute and fifty seconds.

“Nothing Left to Say” reminds us older bands such as The Beach Boys or Chairman of the Board whose vintage stylings leave listeners nostalgic for days. Filled with another guitar solo and a tambourine, Smith voice is brought out and leaves a mark of beauty on the track.

“Anna Karina” proves that everyone has their bad days. This song is just another pop-rock song with lame lyrics about some girl that everyone is falling head over heels for.

“Cop Killer” strays away from the thoughts that once filled other California based group NWA and talks about being indecisive and sing-along slow balled kind of way.

The Makes Nice brings musicianship and traditional power trio catchiness at another level. Giving off feel-good vibrations and laid-backness, The Makes Nice is a great Bay-Area band to brag to your friends and parents about.


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