Album Review: The Last Goodnight (Poison Kiss)

Another band with the typical characteristic of a manufactured group gone wrong: having each song on the album being heartfelt serenades to a loves past, a semi-deep and meaningful band name and that one band member who looks like the dad of the group.
Granted this judgment is solely based on looks alone, The Last Goodnight doesn’t rub me the right way and after listening to their latest album, Poison Kiss, I’m definite that others will feel the same way.

The single, Pictures Of You has a generic sound to it, meaning that everything about the song is very standard and predictable. The song is talks about how these pictures encompass our lives and are a reminder of our pass and how we have the ability to prevent the past from reoccurring.

Temptation and love tie hand and hand in Poison Kiss, and upbeat and heartfelt song. The musical talents of the band play as the forerunner as the vocalist is present but doesn’t have enough specialties to wow audiences. One of the better songs on the album, Poison Kiss might be able to help this teary-eyed from losing anymore fans.

Good Love opens with a jazzy flare and mellows out throughout the song. The chorus is the highlight of the song, with playful vocal ranges and commercial lyrics. “Everything is everything” has to be one of the most creative lines ever sung, leaving the listen with a wide-range of options on what this could possibly mean.

The Last Goodnight doesn’t seem impressive enough to having a strong and lasting staying power but can be considered a great one to two-hit wonder. This band fills the mold of a manufactured label band and that’s their downfall. They don’t write their own music so what they claim to be their own is only a paid story by another writer.

The Last Goodnight need to shape their own persona of rock stardom and become original to prove audiences that they can succeed.


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