Album Review: The Klaxons (Myths of the Near Future)

Get ready to take a listening ride to a place far from home because were off. Going to a place set in the distant future. A place where magic exists and the lost city of Atlantis has risen, according to the UK based band called the Klaxons.

Myths of the Near Future, not to be confused with the novel by J.G Ballard, the second release from the Klaxons is compilation of English new rave rock that is taking the world by storm.

The Klaxons are a true rarity to the musical scene. Each song completely eliminating the former impression left when you first heard it and leaving you craving for more. The production is very perplexing as if each song was pieced together by some all knowing being.

With this said, the Klaxons are another band to start a revival within another music genre. They came prepared with their layered vocals, big guitars and deepening drums and are aiming for a takeover.

After playing Myths of the Near Future for hours on end and catching myself doing a dance that can only be scene from the Charlie Brown Christmas Special, this is when I knew that I had become one of their new minions at disposal.

I was trapped by means of album cover that was laced with multi-colored building blocks, a piece of the ocean and eyeballs center stage looking directly at me. Intrigued at what could possibly be inside this packaged oddity, I quickly open the case, plopped the CD inside my car and let the sounds of Klaxons immerse my car.

“Two Receivers” was the first enchanting tune on the album, showing off the band’s high-note regions of their vocal prowess. Strings and piano fill the background noise and give the song an eerie mythical feeling.

The album’s single, “Golden Skans” is an upbeat tempo song that showcases the members’ instrumental talents. The technical drumming, fast pace strumming and staccato filled vocals can be found.

“Gravity’s Rainbow” is a tale of traveling to place called infinity and finding this rainbow that sounds very impending and dangerous. This song is ferocity of the high-top symbol and a deep bass line that turns the Klaxons into a rock band. Keeping true to their style, the high pitched voices that we’ve all come to love are present.

After riding off with the “Four Housemen of 2012” it was time to bid farewell and say goodbye to rave rock’s new lords. The Klaxons bring excitement and charisma with every song and case frantic dancing across the land.


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