Album Review: The Killers (Sam’s Town)

Detoxification of glamour when considering yourself a glam rock band is a very devastating and risky move. It is something The Killers have committed, going as far as stripping the glam from the music as well.

If you take a look at other glam rock acts such as David Bowie and KISS, you’ll see that once the makeup came off, so did the quality of music.

Sam’s Town, The Killers second album, makes it seem that these pop stars are trying to pry into their dark recesses and become something very heavy. They seem like they have something to prove after their debut album, Hot Fuss, achieved such high praise and produced hits “Mr. Brightside” and ” Queen Bitch” to the public.

Whatever the case might be, The Killers decided to be very curious on this album and try something new, and may have actually killed a few cats in the making, knowing that there is no satisfaction to come ahead for fans.

The album’s single, “When You Were Young,” is an interesting little tune with topics ranging from hurricanes riding on backs of burning highway skylines to something about how the devil’s water isn’t sweet anymore. “When You Were Young” is probably the only song worth listening to on the album just because it’s the closest thing you’re going to get to glam rock The Killers.

“Sam’s Town” is another song that revitalizes the death of the old Killers. When the opening of the song is played, you get brought back to a place where your 16th birthday wish of Molly Ringwald might actually wanting to have a dance with you and take her bra voluntarily comes true.

The lyrics summarize to the fans that this new sounding Killers is the result of critics and those unsupportive partners that have crossed their lives, thus retreating to the place of Sam.

“Exitlude” concludes the album by the whole band basically escorting us out of Sam’s Place and saluting us goodbye as we walk into the sunset to a far better place than this.

Hands down, this is really not the best of The Killers, and it seems to be an upset, if not a disaster, compared to Hot Fuss. The whole experimentation concept is something that maybe should be implemented after a successful second album just because the fans will be expecting the same style of music but just better.

I recommend this album to devoted fans of The Killers and highly advise interested listeners to buy the previous album. It’s worth the $10.


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