Album Review: Robin Thicke (The Evolution of Robin Thicke)

Has Robin Thicke, who’s name instantaneously conjures up the image of a mail carrier riding through NYC, weaving in between cars and singing about getting women alone, have the ability to impress enough audiences to leave the impression of beautiful girls rolling around beaches and living next to Lil Wayne?

The Evolution of Robin Thicke, Thicke’s sophomore and sophomoric attempt, is a distasteful masterpiece.

Charles Robin Thicke, the son of Alan Thicke, started his acting career at 12 with appearances in The Wonder Years and Growing Pains. By 16, Robin got a deal with Nu America Records, a subsidiary of Interscope, which hosts artists such as Usher, Christina Aguilera, Mya, Brandy and Marc Anthony.

Thicke’s melodic voice is definitely full of range, melting hearts with the deeper portion in “Complicated” and making a dog whistle sing to the human ear in “Angels.”

Thicke’s only problem is that once his vocals are on display and you hear his words, I can only think there is another Justin Timberlake, minus the boy-band and the angel.

Thicke has teamed up with the likes of Faith Evans, Lil’ Wayne and the infamous Pharrell Williams in order make a claim to fame once again.

For Thicke releasing an album out of the blue, his first since 2002 to be precise, without having any mainstream appeal, it makes you worry about what the anticipation is.

The track that has the most appeal, “Everything I Can’t Have,” contains a coating of samba, blaring trumpets and a picture of vivid colors dancing to the staccato beats of Thicke’s voice.

The hit single, “Wanna Love U Girl,” is just another write-off for the Neptunes. It is another song that would be located in a local discotheque, having all the drunken girls thinking that they truly are in a beautiful paradise.

The remaining songs are sappy, melodramatic tales that are just a ploy to get into some special lady’s pants, or maybe just to take home some drunk girl that is all by herself in the corner.

Thicke really has talent but it seems that he’s just bombarded by Timberlake. This makes him seem to be just another washed-up singer on the verge of a road to stardom, which only seems to be a dream away.

In other words, I would prefer to see the old Thicke with the long flowing hair and the messenger bag delivering mail and singing about taking advantage of the young.


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