Album Review: Redman (Red Gone Wild)

New Jersey rapper, Redman has come back into the music world after a year long hiatus, from filming and working on other projects to produce a piece of work that might have audiences wishing he would have never opened his mouth again.

On Red Gone Wild, Redman tries to upgrade his usage of reggae and funk influences by incorporating them in almost every track on the album, which isn’t the problem, but the repetitive content of drug use, slinging rock and guns is present the whole album.

Tracks such as, “Merry Jane” and “Blow Treez” certainly aren’t about Christmas time or jolly ole St. Nick but rather a green-planted drug and “snow” covered trees.

Granted Redman’s persona is one of a stoner, you would think one would be able to conjure up more creative commentary like on his debut album, Whut? Thee Album, where the album was laced with silly satire and comedy.

Granted his career might seem a little burned out, Redman somehow builds up enough intensity to make a few good tracks.

Gillahouse Check is the album’s winning track. Mildly explosive and energetic, Redman’s lyrics leave an impact by telling us why in 95’ he was in charge, solely because “I pull up in a coupe that a n**** can’t find”, thus a good reason why Redman should definitely be in charge of a year.

Put It Down, another great track on the album, is a song to get the ladies on the dance floor. Supporting Redman’s vocals are chants, commanding listeners to get down and beats composed by Timberland, someone who might have a chance at saving Redman’s career.

Red Gone Wild isn’t exactly a horrible album nor is it a good album. The album just seems very reminiscent of early 90’s rap, but the kind that no one really heard on the radio because a. people didn’t understand or relate to the content or b. it wasn’t worth anyone’s time.

Or maybe this is a smart way to approach albums in his future. Like before Redman’s most successful albums were from the early 90’s and when he collaborated with fellow label mate Method Man.

Maybe this is why the Redman resorted to movies so people can laugh at him for being a comedic actor versus trying support his lifestyle by continuing to be a rapper.

Whatever the case, Redman just needs to stop making records if they are going to be lackluster and worthless.


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