Album Review: Platinum Weird (Make Believe)

Can an artificial creation from Dave Stewart produce success through the imagery of unicorns and rainbows, leading us to the bizarreness that is Platinum Weird?

Platinum Weird’s album, Make Believe, has gotten people confused, as if this band’s history is a figment of our imagination.

The true makeup of Platinum Weird consists of Stewart and Kara DioGuardi, the co-creators of the band. Stewart is known for his producing work for the Eurhythmics.

DioGuardi is a popular songwriter. She has written for Kelly Clarkson, Ashlee Simpson and Celine Dion.

Indulging on sweet dreams, and compiled for another chance for stardom and running around fields coated with sunflowers and peace, Stewart and DioGurdi decided to form Platinum Weird and create a fictitious story of the band’s past.

In this story, Dave Stewart and his muse and songstress, Erin Grace, formed the band back in 1973. Stewart had played some of his songs to Elton John, who decided that this was the right band for Steward to be in.

During the process of making the album, Grace left mysteriously for days and would come back to continue recording. Her unpredictable and sporadic behavior was the cause of the band’s breakup.

According to their fake back-story, several decades after the breakup Stewart found DioGuardi singing some of his original songs and knew he was destined to re-create Platinum Weird.

After separating fact from fiction, we are able to taste the blood, sweat and “peace on earth” vibe that Platinum Weird has on Make Believe.

“Will You Be Around” is the album’s single, and it gives you a feeling that your parents might not have been so creepy playing Fleetwood Mac around the house. This single transports you back to a place of psychedelic moods, colors and bellbottoms.

DioGuardi’s vocals are filled with a haunting falsetto that draws in the listener with lyrics crying out for love.

“Happiness” showcases DioGuardi’s vocal range. She tells the world that happiness is something it is in undying need of, while giving us the image of doves flying over a pretty rainbow into the sunset.

“Love Can Kill the Blues” is the album’s best track, filled with groovy-sounding 60s guitar riffs. It leaves the audience in trance; the track is a phenomenon and features feel-good vibes about the topic of love.

Make Believe is an interesting album, complete with a fictitious and confusing history. This album is somewhat of a tribute, reinventing the music of the 60s into a modern amusement that will please old and new audiences alike.


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