Album Review: Outerspace (Blood Brothers)

Underground hip-hop has taken flight and broken through the Earth’s atmosphere and ended up in Outerspace. Sorry but I wanted to try something clever with the band name. Outerspace is yet another underground hip-hop group among the ranks of Royce Da 5’9, D-Block and King Syze, all of these acts make appearances in Blood Brothers.

When I think of the term “blood brothers” I think of that scene in My Girl, when Dan Akrold’s daughter and Macully Cauckln prick each others fingers and press them together, hence making each other blood partner. That scene always bothered me and is a reminder that you can spread diseases that way.

Not only does that scene bother me but this album in general does as well. The whole entire album sounds like one bad mix tape. There’s a number of guest appearances from other underground artists that are hardly known, unless you’re a devote listener of underground hip-hop.

Outerspace is made up of Philadelphia MC’s Planetary and Crypt the Warchild. The two members have been friends since birth and grew close to each because of their taste of music. They listened to the likes of EPMD and Gangstar. They formed in the early 90’s as a duo and worked hard to hone the skills and mimic their idols.

They had eventually befriended fellow Philadelphia MC’s Jedi Mind Tricks, who eventually got them signed to Superregular Records.

Just because Outerspace has friends in high places doesn’t mean that they are going to reach that place as well. The overall production of Blood Brothers is marginal. The songs sound muffed, certain songs contain muffled voices (which I can’t tell if it’s on purpose). The producer of the album Vinne Paz, a member of Jedi Mind Tricks should maybe stick to his rap game versus trying to make it big in recording studio.

Some of the better songs on the album are: Hustle and Flow and Spanish Fly. Hustle and Flow has a good beat, good rhyming structure and little collaboration. It’s a nice packaged rap song that has all the right components. If only all the other songs could be like this then maybe it would get a better review.

Spanish Fly, trying to seduce listeners everywhere has the incorporation of the trumpet, which I really like. The rest of the song is very basic with two count beat and drum set.

Outerspace makes a good attempt in stepping ground into the underground circuit. I think that they should stick to their name and go far away.


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