Album Review: Ok Go (Oh No)

Infectious bubblegum pop beats with rock n’ roll and a dash of intellectual wit is showcased in Ok Go’s sophomore album, Oh No.

Signed to Capital Records, Ok Go recorded their album during the harsh winter in Malmo, a Swedish industrial town, just to attain the perfect seclusion from the world after a two-year tour.

Ok Go is consisted of vocalist Damian Kulash, guitarist Andrew Duncan, bassist Tim Nordwind, and drummer Dan Konopka. The Chicago-based band formed in 1998, when they had gained reasonable media attention and were flown off to Capital Records to make their debut album.

They worked with super-producer Tore Johansson, the man responsible for the success of Franz Ferinand’s debut album. The album’s opener “Invincible” gives the audience a taste of what’s to come with techno-stylized beats and talented drumming.

“Here We Go Again,” the album’s single, may not give you the vision of choreographed treadmill dance moves but something along the lines of just feel good rock.

Something that Ok Go can offer their audience besides happy go lucky sounds is a story that most can relate to.

Ok Go’s lyrical style is more technical and adult. In the song, “It’s A Disaster,” the lyrics “Patience is the hallmark / Or the old and beaten firm / Live to learn live / To learn live to learn / Out live the lost / And trade wrongful concerns” showcases the maturity of the band.

“Television, Television” forewarns us that what we see on the television from police shows to reality shows we should “Give up the world / Give up your life cus’ / You cannot fight the television”.

The song “Here It Goes Again” reminds us that when we are feeling on top of the world and perfection seems somewhat attainable there is always something that can ruin it and this is what you become accustomed to.

“Crash The Party” gives us insight on how jealously can make the good of a person seem somewhat non-existent when someone goes to the point of extremity to get what is envied.

Compared to their first self-titled album, you can tell that there is a sense of maturity that has encompassed the band. The aforementioned was an album that seemed to be aimed toward the “Hey look at me, I’m a 12 year old who’s been through five boyfriends but I can’t leave the house after 7 p.m.” type of girl. Most of the songs were about happy times of relationships, sneaking out of the house for love and comparing girls to cinnamon.

Oh No showcases the darker shade of a relationship, having crazy fun at parties and realizing that the house for the most part wins in the game of blackjack. This album is something that is guaranteed to place a smile on the faces of the many fans and is something that I would highly recommend to anyone who just wants a little of ray of sunshine in their day.


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