Album Review: Miskatonic (Let Us Entertain Us)

There comes a time in music where a band’s vested interests in producing songs to gather a fan base can go very wrong. In the sense of Miskatonic, this might be the case.

A name derived from the cult-classic H.P Lovecraft creation, Miskatonic University, these nerds at heart have made a sound that isn’t easy to comprehend by those engulfed in the current rock music of today.

Miskatonic’s sound is somewhat of a combination of new wave, punk and rock with a pinch of pop, not in remote similarity of today’s music.

On Let Us Entertain Us, this Boston based band pour their little hearts out in showing the world that within each tightly composed song that there’s an explosion of creative talent that is ready to be unleashed.

Traversing back into the 80’s new wave scene, high-pitched syths and images of a little girl eating a multi-colored sugar coated ice cone help Miskatonic set the tone of the album. Delectably fun and silly, the two help make this lovely girl something worth wild dancing for and catchy to sing on Sno-Cone Girl.

On Cold Comfort, a mellow induced Miskatonic pull harmonies on this lounge room track. Firger talks about compromising all the hurt and pain in someone’s life and being contempt with a cold sense of comfort.

Darting and dashing sounds and lasers presented in Extra Terrestrial Girl, lead us to a futuristic space age. Reminiscent of Judy from The Jetsons, the group talks about discovering this girl from outer space and how the time wasted looking for her is time well spent.

Let Us Entertain Us keeps truth of its name and does just that. The album is filled with a varied range of genres that keeps listener engaged at what the next track could possibly be. The concepts of space, friendship and snow cones help the album live vicariously through what could happen in the years ahead and helps its creativity and stability to be something of good taste.


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