Album Review: Milton and the Devils Party (How Wicked We’ve Become)

Judging by the group’s name, one would think that this group might be your typical hardcore, screamo, metal band. One wouldn’t think that Milton and the Devils Party would be very Elvis Costello-eque, with soft harmonies, peaceful artistry and three middle-aged men just trying to get back in the swing of things.

With that said, How Wicked We’ve Become is an insightful album on how this band’s growth and development have reached great heights and along the way have committed a few sins that might have pleased the Devil himself.

Adultery, the first of many sins committed is present in the track, “I’ve Had Your Wife”. The self explanatory title talks about the excuses and experiences of someone’s wife acting not so holy.  “Don’t cry just because I’ve had your wife/ But because you’ve ruined your” helps but the blame on the poor husband, whose life has just been ruin. As such hurtful words are being spurred out, there is no malice present but in replacement a mellow calm feeling of pleasantry.

Contemplation of death because of old age produces a little twang in the guitars, aggression in vocals and the use of the glockenspiel. Milton goes big on “Too Old To Die” and shows that aged things produce better results.

The lonely electric guitar enters alone, strumming a gloomy melody about “Perdita”, a woman that’s been lost. As Milton tries to save her, a sense of bliss and hope come into play as the vocals exploits its range as a beckoning call for help.

Milton and the Devils Party showcase that rock doesn’t have to be your stereotypical persona of glam, piercings and attaining the look of grunge, it can be the complete opposite. Laid back and having a good time is all that is needed to produce good music as Milton shows. They play it cool by not trying to over step their boundaries and don’t set their standards low.

How Wicked We’ve Become is a good album but it pertains to an older and mature audience.


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