Album Review: Lupe Fiasco (The Cool)

The second installment of the Fiasco series, “Lupe Fiasco’s The Cool” eliminates the playful dilemmas of highlighting coke, gossip and skateboarding and introduces the public to the serious undertones of politics, the survival of hip-hop and admiration for the fallen.

The Cool shows great growth and impeccable attention to details of the production under Lupe’s 1st and 15th production company. The album brings out a semi-distraught, semi-serene and a promising force of Fiasco’s talent and having him become more personal and heartfelt.

“The Coolest” is introduced in funeral fashion –the hard stricken piano notes and the friction of a tomb stone rubbing. An explosion of a choir laces the backdrop with gaunt harmonies and Fiasco boldly with passion and emotion tells the story of Michael “Cool” Young History. The glitz, glamour and fascination of encompassing the mentality of being cool is what lead to his death – by gunshots.

Accustomed to the jet-setting lifestyle, “Paris, Tokyo” invites us into this world by listening to Fiasco’s descriptive itinerary of riding camels, having dreams in New Orleans and heading to Brazil.

A symphonic paramount of strings and the accompaniment harmonies of Soul Children of Chicago make the hard-hitting factoid of “Streets on Fire” a beautiful song. Fast-spitting Fiasco raps about the poor/rich gap, the spread of AIDS and death lingering in the minds of the mass. Fiasco’s intensity on the track shows how much emotion he has towards these topics.

“Hello Goodbye” is the embodiment of embracing all things good and bad that we come across in our lives. Fiasco gives his vocal chops some exercise – singing and rapping on this rock induced track. This track is an empowerment to the album and Fiasco’s life, proving that he is able to accept the future comings. “Hello end of the world. How are you? I’m doing fine.”

The Cool tells a story that has a significant impact in the makings of this album. From the beginning the album emphasizes the benefits of being cool – nice jewelry, clothing and transportation and then the downfalls – attaining the image, jealously and death.

Fiasco has provided his fans with an insight into his life and created this piece of work that can be considered his best to date. With rumors flying that this might be Fiasco’s last album, if this would be his last work, at least he can say that he ended at the top of the game, proving that he’s one of the most talented lyricist and producers there is.


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