Album Review: Lostprophets (Liberation Transmission)

Can Liberation Transmission, the Lostprophets third release, really provide us with something so political and forthright that Americans might actually get up and do something active with our lives?

That I highly doubt, but I can guarantee one thing: The Lostprophets have really anted up their talents for the album.

Recorded in Hawaii, Lostprophets worked with producer Bob Rock, who has worked with acts such as Metallica, Motley Crue, Bon Jovi and Simple Plan.

During the making process, Lostprophets lost original band member Mike Chiplin. He claims to have left the band to pursue other musical opportunities, according to the band’s Web site.

The band formed in 1997 in the Welsh town of Pontypridd. They caught the attention of Sony BMG, their record label after the music magazine Kerrang! wrote a review for one their concerts.

Liberation Transmission shows that Lostprophets have adopted a more contemporary indie sound and less of the rock and roll theatrics, such as screaming whenever the chance arises.

The song “Everyday Combat” is the only exception. Through the speakers roar a rumbling percussion and screaming that’s borderline eardrum-bursting. We are hinted that, “Living in everyday combat / Day-to-day commuter riot / Shot down / Living in the DMZ,” but are still unaware of what DMZ really is.

The single, “Rooftops (A Liberation Broadcast)” is something unworthy of radio airplay, as it sounds like it was compiled by a high school rock band and the lyrics, “Standing on the rooftops / This is all we got now / Never gonna regret / We’ll listen to your heartbeat,” repeats continuously with the theme of screaming your love to the world from a rooftop.

“Everybody’s Screaming,” one of the better songs on the album, is graced with a screaming chorus and resorts to the Lostprophets older style of play. “I’m sick of watching my mouth / With everybody looking at me / And I’m sick of wasting my time / This city offers nothing for me” shimmers the album with a dash of liberation, showing signs rebellion.

Liberation Transmission is an okay album and should only be bought if you’re a fan of the Welsh group. Compared to their debut album, The Fake Sound of Progress, and their sophomore effort, Start Something, I would definitely recommend buying these albums before deciding to buy the aforementioned.


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