Album Review: Locksley (Don’t Make Me Wait)

Remember the days when the Beatles ruled the world, with there matching ensembles, and matching haircuts and even matching teeth? Or when the Beach Boys, also in matching outfits made the kids go crazy for beach life and free love? Maybe we can go as recent as to include The Hives, yet again another band with identical getups but with an edger side. All of these bands have point or another had their share of fame because of their talent, but can one argue that maybe their clothes had something to do with it?

Now we have Locksley, a group from Brooklyn, who has infused 60’s British style and are trying to start another invasion. This four piece band is trying to get blue skies heading their way by the one way possible: matching outfits.

Along with picking up and instrument or two and actually producing some music, Locksley actually can walk the walk of any of those other bands and proves it on, Don’t Make Me Wait.

Normally when bands try and mimic styling of bands before their time, they usually have the mistake of tweaking or twisting the old into a more aggressive direction and resulting in calling this sound “new and improved”. Granted, it’s great that some bands do this like, The Vines and The Libertines and succeed, you have those that just fail like American Hi-Fi, for instance.

Locksley has made no mistakes and have reincarnated the 60’s at a time when is needed. With the longest track being 3:36 and the album is only 33 minutes, Locksley have gone with the “short and sweet” approach.

Don’t Make Me Wait treats you with bouncy beats, catchy choruses and encouragement for audience participation. I think I’m getting nostalgic of American Bandstand.

Every song is about having love for hot chicks, but the without the emo crap.

“All of the Time” talks about how a guy needs this girl 24/7 and can’t stop thinking about, even causing him to reach the blink of insanity.

“For You (Parts 1+2)” the first half is an acoustic and voice serenading this girl and telling her that,” My heart bleed for you and this is true” and then leads us into a raging guitar and deep drumming and yelling that tells this same girl,” Oh baby lock me so you can burn me down”. This shows that this guy want his love not only to be part of his life but to also take control of it.

So it seems the trend of matching outfits leads to great musicians. Locksley’s beats are contagious and ever-so lovely that it will make you want to go out and confess your love to any pretty lady on campus (as long as you have three friends standing behind you holding instruments and all identical) you should be fine.

Don’t Make Me Wait is a fun album and those who enjoy bands like Ok Go and Supergrass should add this lovely additional to your collection.


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