Album Review: David Guetta (Pop Life)

Frenchman David Guetta brings to the states his talent of mixing and splicing music and creating a techno universe that is incomparable to others. Internationally renown, Guetta delivers to the masses, Pop Life, his fastest selling album to date in his homeland of France.

The title, Pop Life stems from the lingo of DJs, in the sense that the term “pop” is a dirty word. Guetta proves that dance music is pop music, as this album is filled with big, high ranked melodies. Known for his “F*** Me I’m Famous”  residency at Pacha in Ibiza, which many considered Guetta’s church, this vet shows his expertise in the area of house and why he’s so famous.

Multi-pitched vocals and pop-synths become overwhelmingly paramount and cease to die down at any point on Love is Gone. A constant rush of excitement and a continuation of uplifting harmonies make this song an orgasmic house sensation.

Baby When the Light warms up audiences with a mildly aggressive vocal from Cozi and once again erupts into a subtle party with imagery of decadent dancing and flashing lights.

The genre of pop, granted un-abbreviated means popular is laced around the entire album but the track, Love Don’t Let Me Go is the album’s winner as the most versatile. Made up, with do-wops, bouncy guitar riffs and a powerful vocal, this song is one to be the winner and a favorite to many fans.

Pop Life is a collection of upbeat house, something that promises success. Guetta, a veteran in Djing has complied a package that followers of this genre can greatly appreciate.

Paying homage to standardized house music and infusing it with the ungodly genre of pop, Pop Life is a pawn for commercial airwaves and raves. Guetta’s newest release has promise to help spread his fame even more than his reputation has already succeeded him and is definitely one of his best works to date.


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