Album Review: Danity Kane (Welcome to the Dollhouse)

Bad Boy Records had Keisha, Kima and Pam or as they are famously known, Total, on of the first female groups of the label. Total had ruled the radio airwaves and charts with hits such as, “No One Else”, “Trippin” and even scored a remix of “Human Nature” with Michael Jackson.

As the 90s came to a close and not being able to sustain profitable album sales and personal problems within the group, Total removed themselves from the limelight. Present day, Danity Kane takes the place as Bad Boy newest female group and is playing an important role in the music industry.

Being judged for being a manufactured group and having all of America see their beginnings from “Making the Band”, Danity Kane have exceeded the expectations of critics. On their self-titled debut, the group reached platinum.

Welcome to the Dollhouse is a deep exposure into the personal lives of Aubrey, Shannon, Aundrea, Dawn and D. Woods. In plain sight you have a group composed of commercially beautiful and seem flawless. Within the packaging, you have the naughty, seductive and heartbroken inner thoughts of the girls.

On their sophomore album, Diddy’s girls decided to take it up a notch and have filled the album with a number of club bangers and serenades. “Bad Girl”, assisted by Missy Elliot is a fresh party anthem for ladies who change from nice to naughty at the switch of a light (“When the red light comes on, I transform”). The chores “Maybe I’m just a bad girl” over the droplets of bumping bass and high pitches from the ladies makes this track a favorite.

The single “Damaged” veers towards a futuristic sound (think Michael Jackson’s “Scream” and a faster tempo). This song has all the perfect elements: a catchy chorus, smooth transition into the bridge and all the harmonies are tight. Each girl’s voices is distinct and not amassed by the other.

Displaying swagger, class and straightforwardness, “Lights Out” talks about dipping into the dark side of the bedroom and performing ungodly things. With such an explicit topic, Danity Kane show off their range and speed, with switching into standard to ragtime and constant register changes.

“Key to My Heart”, the ladies sing with the utmost bombastic style, with constant harmonization over the sound of a key turning and make their job sound easy.

“Welcome to the Dollhouse” is fantastic proof that the hard work and the constant yelling that Danity Kane endured was well worth it. This album is a work of complete and stellar success. Danity Kane’s sound is unique, vast but one. Their voices complement each other and standout. This album is definitely one of the best albums of the year.


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