Album Review: Cut Off Your Hands (Shaky Hands)

If you actually took the literal meaning of the band’s title and performed this act you’d come into two problems. The first is you would only be able to remove one of your hands because slicing your hand with only one hand doesn’t seem possible. The second is that you might just have shaky hands.

Whether or not you find that rant informal, at least your eyes have been opened to the possibility of self amputation.

Hailing from New Zealand, COYH showcase their rambunctious behavior and high-driven ferocity on their latest EP, Shaky Hands.

Expectations is filled with intense steady drumming and ripping guitar riffs, as Johnston leads the way with his accent filled yelling. With the drop of the strings, leaving only the vocals and high-top, the bridge plays as the highlight of the song.

High pitched and calming on Let Go, COYH restrains from the rock star antics and go for the singing route. Harmonies and keyboards coast through the track and give listeners a pleasant vacation from the hardness of rock.

Apologetic and heartfelt, layers are shed as COYH comes clean about being the bad guy on Sorry. Once again the song is easy on the ears but still maintains its rock cred, the band use this track to leave us wanting more.

COYH show that with the incorporation of catchiness and melodic intensions, this post-punk music is something that is reaching new followers. Even with the uncontrollable problem of the shakes this band proves that they can still hold their ground.

This EP gives audiences a brief intro into the potential that COYH has and how far they could have in the business. Similar to artists such as Ok Go and Audiovent this band might have potential to have a long lasting career.


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