Album Review: Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah (Some Loud Thunder)

First and foremost, who has the audacity to tell its fans to just Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah? Well if that’s your band’s name well I guess you can somewhat get away with it. On their second album, Some Loud Thunder they are taking the world of indie rock by storm.

Living in Brooklyn, Clap is best known for their self promotion and compiling an album all without the help of record labels.

This demanding band is composed of Alec Ounsworth, Sean Greenhalgh, Tyler Sargent, Lee Gargent and Robbie Guertin.

Meeting each other during their time spent at Connecticut College, Clap started out playing show at Pianos in Manhattan. When their self-released album caught the internet, the band started getting great responses. Rolling Stone praised them and labeled them as the “Hot New Band” for 2005. Soon after they signed to Wichita Recordings in the UK.

Maybe after meeting in my hometown of New London and self-releasing and promoting their own album, I guess they deserve a pat on the back or applause, after their band name.

Clap is very quirky and uses playful and addicting lyrics to appease to their audience. For example, on the song, “Satan Said Dance” fun-filled beats play throughout the song with spontaneous trumpet and keyboards. The chores contains little children yelling “Satan Dance” What exactly this dance is, I don’t know, but it seems it wouldn’t hurt to learn it. Also for all those DMB fans out there, there’s a reference to “Dancing Nancies” if you’re interested.

Keeping with the theme of being authorative, “Yankee Go Home” shows a darker version of Clap. Heaver drumming, guitars and keyboard are incorporated. I don’t know who this Yankee is but in this song he’s being told to get out the house, walk in the rain and go home. Sort of feel bad for the poor guy.

“Upon Entering the Crippled Elephant” is a short sad song that is something you would hear at a circus. The song only uses the harpsichord to give the sad feeling that this poor elephant is actually in front of us, thus putting a damper on our day.

Some Loud Thunder does put a little umph in you speakers for an American indie record. It’s not filled with complex thoughts or emo lyrics or with long-ended solos. It’s short, sweet and to the point, pregnant with imagination and creativity. So rush to your local music store and grab a copy (don’t ask for Some Loud Thunder because chances are they’ll send you outside like that poor Yankee).


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