Album Review: Chief Kamachi (Concrete Gospel)

Trying to direct hip-hop into a positive direction on “Concrete Gospel”, Chief Kamachi is better off preaching to another crowd. He claims that hip-hop is endangerment of losing its true meaning and wants to make people globally conscious. Not sure what this means but what I do know is that this album isn’t going global anytime soon.

Chief Kamachi was an original member of the underground group Army of the Pharaohs, along with Vinnie Paz, member of the Jedi Mind Tricks. Kamachi is considered as an important part of the underground hip-hop circuit because of his works with The Roots, Gang Star, and D.I.T.C.

What “Concrete Gospel” is a representation of  Chief Kamachi’s temper towards the desperation of the state of Black America and hope that there is hope in the future. There are also the topics of religion, politics and the ongoing struggle for his people.

Chief Kamachi seems as if he’s trying so hard to become this leader of a movement that doesn’t need to be moved. The title of the album makes Kamachi seem if he’s god-like. Concrete Gospel refers to the story in the Bible about Moses and the Ten Commandments and how God had ektched each one in stone.

More ridiculous than the title are the songs and what each one is about. First off, I understand that every have the right to artistic expression but to think that you’re something that you’re not really irritates me.

“Little African Boy” gives warning to all young African-American boys to look at their surroundings and to embrace everything that happens so you can grow strong and wise. “Death Choir”, one of the worst songs on the album, Chief Kamachi makes his singing debut and does a horrible job. I couldn’t tell you what this song is even about except for the chores which is “Sing for the Death Choir”. “Scattered Sermons” is something that the family can enjoy. Nothing like sitting around the dinner table and talking about how when scrolls fall from this “ghetto” heaven, along with its apostales that the good word of the ghetto will be spread upon the land. Boy, I can’t wait for that to happen.

I don’t get how you screw up an album when you have beat makers DJ Huggy and E-Dan, who have worked with Ghostface Killah , Jurassic 5 and Black Rob work on your album. Granted Black Rob only had that one song, it was still a better result than Chief Kamachi’s work.

As an avid fan of underground hip-hop, the Chief needs to stay as fall under as he can possibly can, because this is just horrible. Preaching sermons that society is already aware of and the constant yelling on each track just isn’t needed. I think if you really want a gospel, you’re better off just going to church.


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