Album Review: Brazilian Girls (Talk To La Bomb)

Talk To La Bomb, the second album from New York based quartet, Brazilian Girls veer toward electro pop and new wave on the creation of this album. Never have I dreamed of sexy model-like Brazilian girls gathering together to record an album and becoming such a hit on the New York lounge scene.

Well not all dreams come true. The Brazilian girls are Sabina Sciubba (vocals), Didi Gutman (keyboards), Jesse Murphy (bass) and Aaron Johnston (drums) and none of them are from Brazil or models, which is a major disappointment.

While drying up the tears, one thing that’s noticeable of Brazilian Girls is that they give off a strong visual image through their music and can be considered very musically ambitious.

Listening to the album for the first time was somewhat of an experience. First off, I was very perplexed at what had just gone through my car speakers. Was this some higher being’s way of telling me that the end of the world was on the way? Should I run out of the car and start a frenzy mob and alarm them that an apocalyptic disaster was on its way? That’s when I prevented myself from conjuring a panic attack and realized that what I just experience was somewhat pleasurable.

Talk To La Bomb is something that I’ve never envisioned, could be envisioned. Each song is very signature to the band. The organization is a mystery. The production is very mixed and it everything sounds perfectly out of the ordinary.

Pulsating keyboards is the opener for “Jique”. Sciubba does the unthinkable and streamlines lyrics incorporating what it seems to be German, French, Italian, Spanish and English, all in one sentence. This cultural alphabet soup is fascinating to even listen to, as the song leaves you awestruck and makes your brain functional disable about four minutes.

A song that I can most relate to, “Never Met A German” jokingly describing Germans as these angry militant breed of people, who’s very presence sends an orgasmic warmth through your spine. One of my personal favorites on the album, Brazilian Girls plays a two-note riff throughout the song and then explodes into a maelstrom of fury talking about “I feel like I’m on fire”.

Wild madmen, afro-centric drumming, and indulging tourists with sex and alcohol is an idealistic “Tourist Trap”, especially for Americans. Sciubba or Madam Black as she is known on the song lures tourists into a jungle-like resort and seducing them with indulgences that only foreigners could appreciate.

Talk To La Bomb is a bombardment of spontaneity, improvisatory concepts that is all somehow complied so simply. The idea of construing a number of languages into on song the incorporation of the jungle sounds is something that I deem as very sexy. The lyrics are very intellectual and suave, giving it another reason for its sexiness.  Brazilian Girls, with their New York City sleek prove to be going into the right direction with their sound and captivating audiences.


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