Album Review: Ashley Tisdale (Headstrong)

It’s such an annoyance to see these Disney Channel actors and actresses coming out with songs and records and trying to make it big in the music world. Maybe these stars are looking for an escape from the clutches of the dreaded Walt Disney emperor, with Mickey Mouse taking orders from the chronogenetically frozen Walt.

Or maybe these actors think they can attain the same celebrity as the former members of the Mickey Mouse Club. X-Tina has achieved success, along with Timberlake. Britney was in her prime during the early 2000s but after getting knocked up twice, marrying K-Fed and flashing the world her junk she has gone completely overboard and shaved her head.

Hopefully Ashley Tisdale, a typical blonde bombshell built for commercial success, doesn’t fall into this devastating path. Deciding that she might have a knack for the music world, the once Madeline of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody magically grew some music chomps and hit the studio to create Headstrong.

Not to be confused with LL Cool J’s Headstrong album, Tisdale’s has a bit more pop music than the LL Cool J’s version.

Surprisingly, Headstrong actually did very well on the Billboard US Charts, reaching number five on its first week release and then topping down the chart week after week.

Tisdale’s album is nothing more than a cheesy pop album. Like the rest of the Disney Channel’s stars who try and make it big, they never do (with the exception of Raven Simone, who had Bill Cosby for a grandfather).

“He Said, She Said” the album’s single is a knock-off version of Lindsey Lohan’s “Rumors”. The content is about people accidentally saying horrible things about each other and not having the correct story, thus creating a rumor. The song sounds like your stereotypical pop song: the airy chores, catchy lyrics, and a singer who in no way, shape or form can relate to the song in real life.

“Be Good to Me” another single on the album is Tisdale’s “club banger” song. This song has three different versions: the Disney Channel, Wal-Mart, and mature. Tisdale is always thinking of a way to accompany her younger and older fans. Such a sweetheart.

Overall the album is just not showing Tisdale’s true colors. She abandons her innocence and takes up a sexual and more mature essence to try and attain new audiences. Tisdale’s new self sounds like a fusion of the Spice Girls and Blackstreet Boys, but more spicy.

Eventually Tisdale is going to end up with the rest of the rejected Disney stars and end up picking up another show to do. I mean Raven still’s doing well after being on the channel for about eight years and she seems content with her life.


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