Album Review: A Day To Remember (For Those Who Have Heart)

Victory Records has once again brought into the world of punk, rock, emo and screamo another band who try and make it known to the world that they actually exist on planet earth.

Here comes A Day To Remember, a five member ensemble, who’s look of gauged piercings, dark features and from the cover art, holding baseball bats and chains, with tough faces doesn’t fool anyone or scare audiences.

On a side note, this is the one thing that really bothers me about these rock bands gone hard is that they are composed usually with skinny pale kids who claim that they’ve had this rough life of not being able to fit in at school and the band members are magically gravitated towards each other and this resulting in the formation of a bad.

Then there’s the exception that there’s someone related to each other and they form a family band or in other words the Partridge Family.

Given the annoyance that this band has presented to me, just by their looks alone tells me that album may potentially do the same.

For Those Who Have Heart stand true with its title, as each song is packaged with intensity and anger.

The album’s definition can simply be stated as a rebellious reflection about the personal turbulences that members have went through.

“Speak of the Devil” starts off with the rampage of,”This is my vengeance for all the wrongs you’re formed against us.” It continues on with death threats and cornering people with their insecurities and eventually hoping that this person, so deeply hated dies.

It’s safe to say that A Day to Remember has never heard of the expression,” Kill them with kindness”.

Lyrics of similarity are contained in each song which, with too much of anything can become tired and bothersome. There messages of destruction and seeking revenge is a tired concept in this genre of music and take more tactful skill in order to attain an audience.

With that said, the whole album sounds as if it could be one extended track. Shredder-like guitar riffs and the crying of complaints doesn’t differ from track to track but rather goes on this monotone ride.

A Day To Remember may have tried to become something iconic and rememberable but have failed at doing so. Once people listen to this album, chances are they’ll just that really bad band that everyone forgets the name of because it was really cheesy or super emo.


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