A Retrospetive of 90s Rock: Everclear (So Much For the Afterglow)

Everclear had there limelight back in 1996, when they came bursting into the music scene with So Much for the Afterglow, their best album to date. The band’s lineup at the current time was Art Alexakis, Craig Montoya and Scott Cuthbert. This album with singles such as “Father of Mine” “Everything to Everyone” and “One Hit Wonder” had helped them make appearances on the holy TRL with Carson Daly and climb the charts of the Billboard.

Alexakis plays and shows that he’s truly a perfect example of what the singer and face of a band should be. He wrote every song on this album and each one is based from his life. At a young age Alexakis has not had things go his way.

This Oregon native was forced to move to the slums of Los Angeles when of his father had walked out on the family. The song “Father of Mine” shows that the only thing that Alexakis’s father had done in his life was give him a name. As you listen to the song you almost feel the pain and sadness that Alexakis underwent as the chores “My daddy gave me a name and then walked away” overlaps the guitars and drumming.

Suffering through depression in spite of the troubles that his father had put him through, Alexakis befriends drugs in order to leave his troubles behind. “Amphetamine” is about a girl who moves out west trying to fine a better life. “She came out west to break the spell/ after three long year and a marriage from hell/ six months clean living sober and right/ the doctors tell her to take her pills” hints that this woman might be Alexakis’s mother and her problem with depression.

“One Hit Wonder” is a playful tune about a boy who wants to be on top of the world and is willing to do all the wrong things just to accomplish. “He said if ever got the chance/ He’d sell his soul to make the monster dance” is in reference to making his father proud of him and then somehow crushing him.

On “Normal Like You”, Alexakis focuses on how badly he wanted to be just like the “norm” and wanted to the picture perfect life of the life of the nuclear family

So Much For The Afterglow is a remarkable album that shows great musicianship and showcases so much emotion. The personal experiences and troubles outweigh the music itself and leaves you with wanting to feel bad for Alexakis.


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