A Retrospective of 90s Rock: Green Day

The 90s was a decade that produced some of the greatest musical outlets to this day. Under the microscope for this article will be the band that I consider a huge influence on the punk rock scene – Green Day.

Granted, one might not agree with the aforementioned, due to the band’s wild and party-like behavior and antics, and even going as far as labeling one of its albums after a childish nickname for the end results of bowel movements.

The consistency of Green Day is due to the stability of its lineup – Billie Joe Armstrong, the guitarist and voice extraordinaire, Mike Dirnt, bass guitarist, and Tre’ Cool on the percussion circuit.

Originally from the East Bay area of California, Green Day’s success has influenced major artists such as Sum 41 and Good Charlotte. They compare to other Cali-stylized bands such as The Offspring and Rancid.

These three men have sold 30 million albums in the United States and more than 63 million worldwide, which seems to prove that the color green is somewhat of a profitable attachment.

Let’s reminisce when Green Day first received major attention. They were signed to Reprise Records in 1992, and established themselves to the world with a little piece of Dookie.

This album was released in February of 1994 and was recorded in a matter of three weeks. It’s loaded with hits like “Basketcase,” “When I Come Around” and “Longview.”

This album is a showcase of stellar amusement and is considered one of the greatest albums according to Rolling Stone.

In 1997, Green Day came together once again to delight audiences to the point where they would be left in a state of euphoric stupidity, thus presenting nimrod.

nimrod was the experimental album that, once you make your hypothesis about, you go through the lovely procedure of placing the CD or cassette into the music player and the results are grand.

This album, one of my personal favorites, has hits such as “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life),” “Nice Guys Finish Last” and “Redundant.”

The lovely sound of frenzied drums and a talented vocalist is the promise you get from Green Day. Lyrical composition is not made-up of going to the mall or hanging out at the skate park, but more along the lines of anger, depression, alienation, drug usage and having fun.

Now an older and much wiser Green Day is winning Grammies for its newest release, American Idiot. The band has matured, making political issues go punk.

From their early days of throwing mud at fans from the stage at Woodstock and performing at Lollapalooza, to now being advocates for youth troubled by politics, Green Day has made a triumphant mark in the punk scene.

Their magnitude and greatness is truly exceptional, and they have been enjoyed by all the Lindseys from Medway to little Billy from Long Beach. Their music is something that will never be tossed aside or duplicated.


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