A Retrospective of 90s Hip Hop: ATCQ, People’s Instinctive Travels and Paths of Rhythm

It’s time for another look on A Tribe Called Quest. Granted I’ve written a number of articles about them and give them praise in everyone, I think that they deserve all the positive input and comments. They’ve redefine the image of hip-hop, proving that a showing of intelligence can be helpful when stressing about the problems of troubled urban youth.

Before the Tribe unexpectedly became significance into the world and culture of hip-hop, they had to start from the bottom and eventually rose to the top.

There is a sense of timidness and restraint through People’s Instinctive Travels and Paths of Rhythm. Usually the Tribe are more vocal and entices humor and anger through snippy and stagnant lyrics. The beats and sounds overshadow the thoughts of New York, leaving us in the mindset to dance rather than formulate thoughts.

Granted it’s not one their best work, they still have an impact. On the track, “After Hours”, a balance of instrumentals and lyrics conjoined to make something called a song, is filled with troubles and the screeching of frogs. Like most Tribe songs, there’s usually a story being told or a message getting preached. Listening to the elderly reminisce about their youth and figuring out entertainment can be induced in the late hours of the night is the backbone of the song.

The Tribe’s hit single, “I Left My Wallet in El Segundo playful Mexican intro gives us a sense that Mexico isn’t the best place to lose your belongings. The song’s tale is a playful delight and proves once again that toughness isn’t a factor in producing music.

“Rhythm (Devoted To The Art Of Moving Butts)” is a musical homage to the term rhythm and how the benefits of getting the pretty ladies out on the dance floor to shake what their momma gave them.

Another song aimed towards the rear end of women is “Bonita Applebum”, which is an account of meeting a woman whose rear-end was formed and shaped of the rear of a Spanish lady, hence the word Bonita.

This album proves that with experience that you truly get better. After Tribe released the remaining albums of their career, the music got progressively better and attaining new audiences from areas besides urban filled communities. People’s Perspective should be a new addition to the collection of an avid fan of 90’s hip-hop. This stepping stone only made the Tribe to become superstars overnight and now they are legends who are inspiring MCs everywhere.


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