Album Review: Change of Pace (Prepare the Masses)

A Change of Pace’s debut album, “Prepare the Masses” is something the public doesn’t need preparation for.

Signed to Immortal Records, ACOP is just another band amassed in a sea of bigger and better rock acts such as My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, and Panic! At the Disco.

ACOP’s sound is very simplistic and safe, which makes this the downfall of the album.

In the song “Weekend Warriors”, ACOP advises us simply that “weekends are for the warriors”.

“Prepare The Masses” opens the album with footsteps of an army and an announcement to the public, cautioning everyone to “sit back and watch the story unfold” as ACOP showcases their talents.

ACOP harden the album just a bit with “War In Your Bedroom”.  The line “It’s a war in your bedroom baby/ cut off my tongue for just a taste/ I’m a piece of your flesh my darling/ you have no time to hesitate”  shows us that ACOP live by the quote, “desperate times come for desperate measures.”

“I Wanna Be Your Rock & Roll” parades the drummer’s skill with an impressive opening solo followed by heavy guitar and bass riffs.

“Prepare The Masses” overall is a decent rock album. ACOP’s sound is flooded with the many other rock bands out there. It’s hard to figure out what signature’s their sound with out getting them confused for another band.


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